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Explore Your Options With a UnitedHealthcare Company

Health Plan Options

The following types of health insurance plans are available:

  • Copay health insurance, which provides a set fee or copay for in-network regular doctor office visits and other routine health care expenses.
  • A tax-advantaged higher deductible plan called a Health Savings Account (HSA).
  • High deductible health insurance that's great for those who stay healthy and don't have many out-of-pocket costs.
The cancellation of group coverage doesn't need to be a major interruption for you. UnitedHealthOne Agency can help ease the transition to similar health and dental insurance plans in the individual market.

UnitedHealthOne Agency is an Affiliate of UnitedHealthcare. We offer a variety of family and individual health insurance plans, as well as dental, vision and other coverages.1

We specialize in personal insurance, not employer sponsored insurance. While we generally offer plans under the UnitedHealthOneSM brand, we can guide you to the insurance products of other insurance companies if you want to shop around. We can also guide you to various "guarantee issue" options in your state if you are unable to obtain underwritten coverage.2

We can help answer your questions. Call (866) 304-8066 to speak with a licensed Product Advisor about your personal insurance options.
1 Not all plans from all carriers are available in all states. 2 Personal health insurance is still underwritten. Not everyone qualifies, however, you may be able to obtain personal coverage through government-sponsored or government mandated programs.

UHOne AgencyThis insurance coverage is not designed nor marketed as employer-provided insurance. Therefore, this plan cannot be used, now nor at some future date, by you or an employer to provide insurance for employees. Privacy and Terms of Use.